Why does Maxx Crosby have two Xs in his name?


Maxx Crosby, the standout defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, doesn’t back down from facing some of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, particularly in the intense rivalry between his team and the Kansas City Chiefs, which heats up every time they clash, especially on this Christmas Day encounter.

While many aspects of Crosby’s play catch the attention of NFL fans, one question that often arises is about the unique spelling of his first name, with two Xs. The story behind this unconventional spelling sheds light on his larger-than-life persona.

The additional X in Crosby’s name is symbolic, representing “extra-large.” Crosby’s mother had already chosen the name ‘Max,’ but for a humorous touch and to emphasize his significant presence, she added the extra letter ‘x’ to make his name stand out more.


Crosby’s birth weight was quite impressive at 11 pounds and nine ounces. Such a sizeable weight as a newborn necessitated the doctor to break his clavicle during delivery. Crosby himself shared this fascinating detail on Twitter in 2020, following his rookie season with the Raiders.

Currently standing at an imposing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 255 pounds, Crosby embodies his name’s “extra-large” essence. He’s been a pivotal force for the Las Vegas Raiders, ranking third in total tackles for the team and boasting an impressive 13.5 sacks this season, showcasing his dominance and impact on the field.