Why do people hate Rachel Zegler?


The scrutiny and hate that actresses Rachel Zegler and Brie Larson have faced are indicative of the challenges women in Hollywood encounter when expressing opinions, particularly within the realm of established franchises like Marvel and Disney. Both actresses have found themselves at the center of intense criticism and online hate despite their successful careers in hit movies.

Larson’s comments about the lack of diversity among film critics in the industry drew backlash, which followed her into subsequent film releases, including the lackluster box office opening for “The Marvels.” Zegler, too, faced online negativity after expressing her thoughts on portraying Snow White in a reimagined manner. Her remarks about redefining Snow White as a leader rather than the traditional ‘damsel in distress’ were met with resistance and disdain from some Disney fans.

Both actresses were chastised for daring to challenge conventional narratives, with some segments of their respective fan bases taking offense at their viewpoints. The backlash aimed at them highlights a broader issue: the resistance to change and the discomfort some audiences experience when confronted with differing perspectives that challenge established norms.


Critics argued that it is not anti-feminist to want a traditional love story, but it is equally valid to seek to re-contextualize classic narratives in a more empowering light. The vehement opposition to Zegler and Larson’s perspectives underscores the ongoing struggle for representation and diverse storytelling within the entertainment industry.

The hate and vitriol directed at these actresses are disproportionate to the nature of their statements. It reflects a deeper resistance to the idea of change and diversity, especially when articulated by confident and outspoken women in the public eye. The opposition faced by Zegler and Larson highlights the challenges women, particularly those who express strong opinions, encounter in male-dominated spaces like the Marvel and Disney fandoms.

Despite the backlash, both actresses have continued to assert themselves and stand by their beliefs. Their resilience in the face of online hate demonstrates their commitment to advocating for diversity, representation, and progressive storytelling in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, the negative reactions they’ve faced underscore the need for greater acceptance of diverse perspectives and the importance of amplifying voices that challenge established norms in media and culture.