Why did Saturn call Luffy Nika in ‘One Piece?’


For more than a quarter of a century, fans have borne witness to the remarkable evolution of the Straw Hat Pirates in “One Piece.” We’ve observed them grow from isolated and comparatively weak pirates into one of the most dreaded yet revered crews on the high seas. The journey of Monkey D. Luffy, from being Garp’s grandson to becoming Ace and Sabo’s brother, then the captain of the Straw Hats and a Supernova, has been a saga of monumental transformation. Today, he’s valued in billions of berries, commanding a formidable fleet, and holds the esteemed title of Emperor of the Sea.

This odyssey through perilous waters has indeed been a spectacle. Eiichiro Oda has consistently surpassed already lofty expectations set by fans over the years. As we approach what can be considered the final stages (in One Piece terms), fans are being treated to the unraveling of mysteries that have been building up for 26 years.

The enigma of the Sun God Nika, however, persists, and he is gradually reemerging in the narrative. Chapter 1094 once again brought up Nika in a discussion involving the five Elder Saturn, who referred to Luffy as “Nika.” Here’s why this might be significant.



Is Luffy ‘Nika’ in One Piece?

Technically, no, Luffy is not Nika, but he might be the next in line to attain such a status. Information regarding the Sun God Nika is scarce, but it all seems to circle back to Luffy in some way. The latest chapter serves as evidence that even the highest echelons of power in One Piece are aware of this connection, suggesting it’s not mere coincidence.

In the most recent chapter, Saturn believes he’s witnessing the Sun God Nika the moment he observes Luffy employing Gear 5 while battling Borsalino. This is because the fruit Luffy consumed was none other than the Human Human fruit, Model: Nika. This is not only the Devil Fruit that Nika is rumored to have possessed, but it’s also the same fruit confirmed to have been consumed by Joyboy.

However, this doesn’t imply that anyone who consumes this variant of the fruit will achieve the same level of renown as Joyboy or Nika. In reality, the fruit’s true potential is unlocked when the user’s mind reaches its peak harmony with it, unleashing its maximum power. For the Human-Human Model: Nika, this potential is virtually boundless, restricted only by the limits of human imagination.

While Nika and Luffy are distinct individuals, the parallels between them are striking: their Devil Fruit abilities, their boundless imagination, and their way of life. According to legend, Nika was the liberator of slaves, and in the current era, the narrative strongly suggests that Luffy is fated to become the prophesized figure who will emancipate both slaves and pirates.

In essence, they are not the same person. Nevertheless, one thing remains evident: Luffy is on course to honor the promise and prophecy that Nika left behind centuries ago, earning him the title of Sun God, albeit in a symbolic sense.