Why did Mikasa kill Eren on ‘Attack on Titan?’


From the very beginning of “Attack on Titan,” viewers can easily discern the depth of the relationship between Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager. Their friendship dates back to childhood, with Mikasa finding solace in the Yeager household after the tragic loss of her parents. Living under the same roof, Mikasa’s protective instincts towards Eren were always evident, whether it was shielding him from local bullies or later, from the Titans themselves. As they grew older, Mikasa’s feelings for Eren evolved into romantic affection, and her unwavering devotion to him remained a central theme throughout the entire series. At times, Eren even expressed annoyance with the intensity of her feelings, asserting that she didn’t genuinely love him. According to him, Mikasa’s actions were dictated by the inherent duty of Ackermans to protect, a compulsion that seemed to activate instinctively. Given all of this, Mikasa would seem to be the last person one would expect to turn against Eren, but the situation is far more complex.

Mikasa’s ultimate decision comes to the forefront when Eren embarks on a perilous path. Gaining control of Ymir’s Founding Titan, he unveils his intention to initiate the Rumbling — a plan that sets free the 600,000 Titans within the Walls of Eldia, setting them on a course to not only Marley, but to obliterate the entire world.

While some staunchly defend Eren’s actions, including the Yeagerists, Mikasa aligns herself with a select few to thwart his destructive rampage. Through painful sacrifices and epic battles, they ultimately achieve their goal. When the crucial moment arrives, Mikasa summons the strength to set aside her emotions and severs Eren’s head, ending his life.


In both the anime and manga adaptations of “Attack on Titan,” Mikasa’s method of dispatching Eren remains consistent. After beheading him, she cradles his head in her hands, sharing a poignant kiss with him — a moment both tender and tragic. As this occurs, Ymir Fritz, once bound by her own chains, observes the scene, finally liberated.

The question arises: why did Mikasa take such a drastic step? It’s important to recognize the gravity of the situation. Mikasa prioritized the world’s well-being and the greater good over Eren’s life, demonstrating immense selflessness and the resolve to let go of the person who meant the world to her. Despite her love and dedication, Mikasa understood that ending Eren’s life was the only way to halt the bloodshed. And ultimately, it succeeded. Eren’s grand plan unfolded exactly as he envisioned, and the power of the Titans was eradicated from the world.

For many fans, this turn of events was emotionally wrenching, particularly after learning of Eren’s true feelings for Mikasa. However, with the anime and manga now concluded, there’s no changing the course of events. While the conclusion aligns with the tone and themes of “Attack on Titan,” it has sparked divisive reactions among devoted fans who may find forgiveness and closure difficult to attain.

For those who wish to relive the highs and lows, as well as the constant twists and turns of this anime adaptation, it is available for viewing on Crunchyroll.