Why did Loki make that puzzling decision in ‘Loki’ season 2, episode 4?


The season premiere of Loki Season 2 masterfully set the stage for what’s to come, leaving viewers with two burning questions: who was responsible for pruning Loki during his time slip into the future, and who was calling him on the phone in that Matrix-like scene?

To rectify Loki’s time-slipping conundrum, Mobius was directed by O.B. to make his way to the heart of the Temporal Loom and activate the Temporal Loom Extractor. For this plan to succeed, Loki had to prune himself at precisely the right moment, effectively removing him from the fabric of space and time, allowing the Extractor to pull him back into the present.

Sounds like a solid plan, right? Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Loki missed the mark with his time slip, dropped his time stick, and found himself in the future with only minutes left on the clock and no means of pruning himself. As he frantically navigated the empty corridors of the TVA in search of help, his timer miraculously turned green. Just when all seemed lost, a phone rang.


With the TVA flickering and the walls rumbling from the impending collapse of the Temporal Loom, Loki approached the ringing phone. But just before he could answer, the elevator doors in front of him opened to reveal Sylvie. And in an instant, someone from behind pruned Loki, whisking him back to the present as the TVA’s blast doors slammed shut. He and Mobius emerged on the other side, safe and sound.

The identity of Loki’s savior remained shrouded in mystery for the next two episodes, but in episode 4, the truth finally came to light.

Episode 4 brought all the elements to a head. The Temporal Loom teetered on the brink of combustion due to an overload of timelines, Victor Timely was in the TVA, ready to offer his Temporal Aura, and a plan was in motion to expand the Temporal Loom’s capacity with the help of the Throughput Multiplier.

However, Renslayer’s sudden appearance threw a wrench into the works. She apprehended Victor Timely, rendering the TVA unable to open the blast doors or transport the Throughput Multiplier. This led Loki and Sylvie on a search for Renslayer and Victor Timely, with Sylvie ultimately getting trapped in an elevator due to Miss Minutes’ intervention.

As chaos ensued, we witnessed a past version of Loki reenacting events from the first episode, emphasizing the critical role that self-pruning played in the grand scheme of things.

So, who was on the phone? As it turns out, it was O.B. and Mobius, simply wondering what was taking Loki and Sylvie so long. If only they knew the extraordinary events that were unfolding.