Why did Bartholomew Kuma protect the Thousand Sunny in ‘One Piece?’


In recent weeks, the ongoing narrative of “One Piece” has been delivering an enthralling ride. Since the remarkable Wano arc, fans have been continuously surprised by the series’ escalating quality. Eiichiro Oda, the series creator, has consistently exceeded expectations.

The narrative within the Egghead arc has been particularly dense, bombarding readers with significant revelations. Starting from chapter 1074, the story has focused extensively on enigmatic figures and historical events, unraveling details about Vegapunk, Ohara, Imu, and the enigmatic five Elders. However, the narrative has recently shifted its focus to characters like Kuma and Bonney.

The storyline surrounding Kuma and Bonney has gradually unfolded, delving into deep emotional and pivotal plot points. Most notably, Bonney has accessed her father’s memories, uncovering critical details that have brought forth a flurry of insights and emotions.


The most recent chapter, 1102, delves into the intriguing question: Why did Kuma feel compelled to protect the Thousand Sunny? It was revealed that Kuma specifically asked Vegapunk to program him to safeguard the ship, driven by his unwavering belief in Luffy as the potential savior of the seas. Throughout the two-year time skip when the Straw Hats were training and growing stronger, Kuma served as the guardian of their beloved vessel, despite previously being responsible for sending them to different locations.

The complexity of these events confused many fans until this latest chapter shed light on the situation. Kuma, despite having accepted his role as a human weapon, retained a degree of free will until Saturn’s intervention forced Vegapunk to strip away Kuma’s humanity. However, in a poignant and decisive moment, Kuma’s last plea was to be programmed to safeguard the Thousand Sunny until one of the Straw Hats returned.

Throughout those two long years of separation, Kuma steadfastly upheld his duty, fiercely defending the ship with unwavering dedication. His unwavering commitment stemmed from his deep disappointment at not witnessing the growth of the Straw Hats and his conviction in Luffy’s potential to become a beacon of hope for everyone, including Bonney.

As the anticipation for the next chapter heightens, fans eagerly await the release of the upcoming installment on Viz Media and Manga Plus on December 24th, anticipating further revelations and gripping developments in this captivating saga.