Why did Alyssa Milano have Shannen Doherty fired from ‘Charmed?’


The behind-the-scenes dynamics of the hit series “Charmed” have been marred by tension and conflict among its leading actresses, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and later Rose McGowan. Here’s a detailed look at the events that led to controversies and tensions within the cast:

During the early seasons, the on-screen chemistry between the actresses portraying the Charmed Ones appeared strong. However, by Season 3, reports of friction among the cast members began to surface. Allegedly, Shannen Doherty was dissatisfied with stagnating plotlines, and her demanding attitude clashed with others on set, particularly Alyssa Milano.

Several instances of alleged discord emerged, with Rose McGowan claiming that Alyssa Milano displayed unprofessional behavior and created a toxic atmosphere on set, including shouting about dissatisfaction with compensation. Shannen Doherty echoed similar sentiments, expressing disdain for drama in the workplace.


Efforts were made to resolve tensions, including the intervention of mediators sent by the production. However, these attempts reportedly exacerbated the situation. Despite wanting to exit the show in 2000, contractual obligations bound Shannen Doherty to the series. Subsequently, she was dismissed from the show in a surprising and abrupt manner, causing Holly Marie Combs to consider leaving as well.

Persistent rumors suggested that Alyssa Milano issued an ultimatum to the production team, demanding the dismissal of Shannen Doherty or her departure from the show. While Milano denied these claims, Holly Marie Combs recently mentioned hearing a producer discussing Milano’s alleged ultimatum during an interview with Shannen Doherty.

Alyssa Milano acknowledged the differences and difficulties working with Shannen Doherty but refrained from directly addressing the controversies. Rose McGowan openly expressed her dislike for Milano in public interviews, citing personal grievances. Milano, on the other hand, maintained a composed stance, acknowledging the rift without engaging in direct confrontation, opting for a message of kindness and standing against negativity.

The intricate web of tensions, rumored ultimatums, and public spats within the “Charmed” cast has led to ongoing speculation and discussions among fans and media. Despite the various conflicts and controversies, the actresses have maintained varying degrees of professionalism in their public responses, shaping the legacy of “Charmed” with both its on-screen magic and off-screen drama.