Why Colin Donnell Ditched His Role As Connor Rhodes On Chicago Med!


In 2015, the renowned “Chicago” series, conceived by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, expanded its television universe with “Chicago Med,” a gripping medical drama set at the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. The series chronicles the lives of a tight-knit group of medical professionals, navigating both saving lives and complex interpersonal dynamics. Among the array of beloved characters introduced, Colin Donnell’s portrayal of the charismatic Dr. Connor Rhodes emerged as a standout favorite. His character tackled groundbreaking surgeries, including the separation of conjoined twins, while also grappling with intricate family ties, notably his complex relationship with his father, Cornelius Rhodes. Throughout the series, Connor’s compelling storylines consistently captivated audiences.

In a 2017 interview with The Knockturnal, Colin Donnell reflected on his character’s evolution, describing Connor’s progression from an assertive and confident figure to a multifaceted personality. “Every time we get a new script, it’s like a little bit more that gets revealed about him,” Donnell expressed.

However, in 2019, news surfaced that Colin Donnell would bid farewell to “Chicago Med” after four seasons, leaving fans saddened by his departure. Creative differences reportedly led to Donnell’s exit, as hinted by sources close to the production. The actor confirmed the news on social media, expressing gratitude to the show, the production team, and the devoted fans who contributed to his character’s popularity.


Despite the abrupt departure, Donnell maintained a positive outlook on his time with the series. In an interview with Us Weekly, he praised the show’s handling of his character’s departure, acknowledging the significance of Connor Rhodes exiting the show on his own terms, following two major losses in his life.

In subsequent interviews in 2022, Donnell conveyed his openness to returning to “Chicago Med,” expressing fondness for his time on the show and his admiration for the cast and crew. He emphasized his willingness to reprise his role if the opportunity aligned with his schedule. The showrunners, Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, echoed this sentiment, expressing interest in bringing back Dr. Rhodes if logistical challenges could be overcome, aiming for a meaningful and impactful return to the series.