Why Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Moved Away From Hollywood?


Natasha Bure, daughter of actress Candace Cameron Bure, has been making her mark in the entertainment industry, initially following her mother’s footsteps in acting. However, in August 2023, she surprised many by announcing her move from California to Texas through her YouTube channel.

Despite being recognized for her roles in Hallmark and Great American Family films, Natasha decided to leave California, citing her need for personal growth and a desire to challenge herself. Her move aimed to break out of her comfort zone and expand her social circle. Initially, she faced challenges in adapting to a new environment and struggled to find close connections in Texas, feeling a bit lonely. However, she remained optimistic, acknowledging small steps she took to meet new people and explore her new surroundings.

Despite relocating, Natasha emphasized that her move wouldn’t hinder her involvement in showbiz. She highlighted the flexibility of her job, mentioning that much of her work allows her to operate from home or various locations, making her geographic location less relevant. She continued to engage in filming YouTube content, auditions, recording sessions, and projects, emphasizing her continued commitment to her career in entertainment.


Even though she’s moved away from Hollywood, Natasha remains active in the industry. She participated in influencer Dani Austin’s campaign and starred in a 2023 Great American Family Christmas film called “A Christmas for the Ages.” While her location has changed, her dedication to expanding her presence in the entertainment world remains unwavering.