Why Britney Spears’ Ex, Sam Asghari, Received No Money in Their Divorce Settlement


Britney Spears and Sam Asghari had a prenuptial agreement in place to protect Spears’ pre-marital assets, which reportedly totaled around $60 million. The agreement stipulated that Asghari wouldn’t be entitled to any of Spears’ earnings and assets acquired before their marriage. This became a point of humor for Asghari himself, who made light-hearted comments on social media about the prenup, reassuring fans that they had a solid agreement in place.

Their marriage, however, ended after a relatively short period of 14 months. If they had stayed together for ten more months as per the terms of the prenup, Asghari would have been entitled to a specific sum, reportedly around $1 million for every two years they were married, with a maximum cap of $10 million after 15 years.

Despite rumors of Asghari contesting the prenup, his representative clarified that he had no intention of exploiting or challenging Spears. Asghari expressed his support for Spears, acknowledging her memoir’s positive mention of him and showing pride in her accomplishments.


During the divorce proceedings, while Asghari reportedly sought spousal support and asked for Spears to cover his legal fees, the specifics of the settlement were not finalized. Spears continued to live in their shared home while reportedly helping cover Asghari’s expenses for a new apartment. It’s suggested that Asghari might eventually receive a settlement, possibly in the “low six figures,” though it remains unclear how this will align with the terms of their prenup.

Both Spears and Asghari are reported to be moving forward with their careers. Asghari is focusing on his fitness brand and pursuing acting, while Spears is working on her musical comeback, signaling a new chapter for both after their split.