Why are Red Lobster restaurants closing?


The recent announcement of over 50 Red Lobster restaurant closures nationwide has left seafood lovers across America feeling a sense of loss. For many, Red Lobster holds a special place in their hearts, serving as a go-to destination for various celebrations and special occasions. However, the closures represent just one of the many challenges facing the iconic casual dining chain.

These closures, accounting for approximately 15% of Red Lobster’s locations, were revealed through an auction listing from TAGeX Brands, the liquidation firm overseeing the sale of assets from the shuttered restaurants. While multiple closures have occurred in the past, this mass shuttering marks a significant moment in the chain’s history.

Red Lobster’s current owner, Thai Union Group, has faced considerable difficulties in reviving the brand since acquiring it in 2020. A series of corporate upheavals, including the turnover of four CEOs in three years, has underscored the challenges of navigating the turbulent waters of the restaurant industry.


One notable misstep was the decision to make Red Lobster’s “Endless Shrimp” deal a permanent menu item, leading to operational challenges and financial losses. Despite efforts to drive customer traffic, the promotion’s popularity overwhelmed operations and contributed to significant operating losses.

Thai Union Group’s decision to divest from Red Lobster, citing industry headwinds and financial challenges, reflects the severity of the situation. The chain’s new CEO, Jonathan Tibus, faces the daunting task of navigating potential bankruptcy rumors and steering the brand toward stability.

While the closures represent a setback, Red Lobster still retains over 600 locations globally, providing a foundation for potential recovery. However, any future ownership will need to implement creative strategies to address evolving consumer preferences and competition from fast-casual chains.

Ultimately, the future of Red Lobster remains uncertain, but millions of loyal customers are hopeful for a turnaround that will allow them to continue enjoying their favorite seafood dishes for years to come.