Why are people mad about Post Malone and Morgan Wallen’s new song?


From the iconic collaboration between Nelly and Tim McGraw in the early 2000s to the groundbreaking partnership of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, the fusion of rap and country music has always captivated audiences. Now, the latest duo to join forces is Post Malone and Morgan Wallen, bridging the gap between two distinct musical worlds.

Post Malone, a heavyweight in the rap scene, and Morgan Wallen, a rising star in country music, have combined their talents to produce “I Had Some Help” — a catchy duet that officially dropped at midnight. With their respective fan bases and widespread influence, it’s almost inevitable that this collaboration will soar to the top of the charts in no time.

However, despite the anticipation and excitement surrounding the release, the reception to the song has been mixed. A significant portion of music enthusiasts have voiced their criticisms, scrutinizing the finer details of the collaboration and expressing disappointment with certain aspects of the track.



So, why are people mad about Post Malone and Morgan Wallen’s new song?

Despite accumulating a significant number of views on YouTube and streams on Spotify, a surprising wave of discontent has engulfed the latest anthem. One of the primary grievances stems from the stark contrast between the official release and a snippet teased several months ago, particularly regarding Post Malone’s vocals. Fans recall a raspy and lively rendition from a live performance shared on Post Malone’s TikTok account, contrasting sharply with the smoother delivery in the finalized version.

This discrepancy in vocal style has sparked disappointment among listeners, who had eagerly anticipated the raw energy captured in the original snippet. Moreover, criticism extends beyond the song’s production to the artists themselves. Morgan Wallen’s involvement invites scrutiny due to his history of controversial behavior, including recent incidents such as the chair-tossing incident at a bar. Meanwhile, Post Malone faces accusations of cultural appropriation and opportunism, with some alleging that he leveraged his ties to the rap community for personal gain before distancing himself from the genre.

As summer approaches, the trajectory of the collaboration’s popularity remains uncertain. However, the prevailing sentiment among fans thus far has been less than favorable, reflecting a widespread sense of disillusionment with the final product.