Who wins ‘Squid Game: The Challenge?’


Following the massive success of Netflix’s Korean drama, Squid Game, the emergence of a reality show inspired by it, Squid Game: The Challenge, was an expected development. However, it raises questions about whether Netflix may have overlooked the essence of the original Squid Game. Nevertheless, the lure of a record-breaking cash prize, the largest ever offered in a game show, seems to have enticed contestants to participate.

Offering an astonishing $4.56 million as the grand prize, it’s unsurprising that participants are drawn to a game show modeled after a drama that criticizes capitalism. Yet, the decision to turn the show into a franchise feels somewhat uncomfortably close to the dystopian themes of the original series, especially considering that the second season of Squid Game is yet to be released.

Despite the unsettling concept of turning a deadly premise into a game show, Squid Game did present challenges that, when watched, seemed oddly intriguing and fun. Participation in Squid Game: The Challenge doesn’t require viewers to have seen the original show. However, many viewers might be curious about how they would fare in such challenges, and now contestants on the show have the chance to explore their own abilities while chasing the multi-million dollar prize.


As of the latest information available, only five episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge have been released on Netflix. The series is set to unveil four additional episodes on Nov. 29, followed by the final episode on Dec. 6. Unfortunately, the winner of the overall challenge remains unknown.

At the show’s outset, a staggering 456 contestants entered the competition, a number cleverly mirroring the $4.56 million prize amount. However, the participant count has dwindled to 70 as of the current stage of the show. The initial game, reminiscent of “Red Light, Green Light” from the drama, saw a majority of contestants eliminated, although this time the stakes were far less perilous, with participants only having dye packs in their shirts to simulate ‘deaths.’ Another round of eliminations followed during the Dalgona game when players failed to replicate the given shape in their candy.

The forthcoming episodes promise more challenges inspired by Squid Game, culminating in the crowning of a single victor. With 70 players left in the competition, the ultimate prize of $4.56 million awaits only one individual. The burning question remains: Who will defy the odds and survive the remaining games to claim the grand prize? While the outcome remains uncertain, viewers are eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama.

For those intrigued, Squid Game: The Challenge is available for streaming on Netflix.