Who wins in ‘Creed III’?


In “Creed III,” the film revolves around the intense conflicts between Adonis “Donnie” Creed (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan) and his childhood friend Damian “Dame” Anderson (played by Jonathan Majors). As the story progresses, tensions rise, leading to a climactic showdown between the two characters.

The narrative delves into their shared history, highlighting their troubled upbringing in a group home run by an abusive figure named Leon. An altercation between Donnie and Leon results in Donnie fleeing the scene while Dame, due to previous legal issues, ends up incarcerated for 18 years.

Upon his release, Dame implores Donnie to help him secure a shot at the Heavyweight Champion title. Donnie arranges for Dame to replace an injured fighter in a crucial match. However, Dame’s reckless behavior and manipulation of circumstances to gain an advantage in the fight lead to dire consequences.


Recognizing the danger posed by his friend’s actions, Donnie emerges from retirement to confront Dame in the boxing ring. The buildup to their fight is marked by intense training sequences, setting the stage for an emotionally charged battle.

During their climactic face-off, both fighters engage fiercely, with Dame resorting to underhanded tactics. Despite the evenness of the match and Dame’s dirty fighting, Donnie manages to secure victory in the twelfth round by knocking out Dame.

Following the fight, Donnie seeks closure with Dame, who forgives him for their past encounter with Leon, alleviating Donnie’s long-held guilt about the incident.

In a separate storyline, Donnie’s daughter, Amara, exhibits an interest in boxing and shows her skills in a pivotal moment at school. The movie concludes with Donnie and Amara sharing a moment in the ring, hinting at Donnie’s contemplation of retiring from boxing for good.

Regarding the film’s conclusion, there are no post-credit scenes. The narrative’s resolution aligns with the themes of family and redemption, culminating in Creed’s victory and the reconciliatory moment between Donnie and Dame.

Despite the anticipation for a potential twist in the storyline, the film concludes with Donnie triumphing over Dame, staying true to the Rocky franchise’s tradition of the main fighter emerging victorious in most instances.