Who was voted out of ‘Survivor 45’ this week?


The latest episode of Survivor 45, aired on Nov. 29, dished out a captivating mix of deceit, strategy, and pivotal challenges, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as the competition intensifies with just seven contestants remaining.

As the episode commenced, eight contestants were still in contention for the coveted title of “Sole Survivor” and the million-dollar grand prize. Following the departure of Kendra McQuarrie on day 17 and Bruce Perreault’s subsequent exit two days later, the jury roster was set, comprising Bruce, Kendra, Kellie Nalbandian, and Kaleb Gebrewold.

Bruce, a seasoned insurance agent and the only returning castaway from Survivor 44, had evaded elimination for 18 days despite being perceived as a significant threat due to his prior experience and distinct persona. Having been immune for most of the crucial Tribal Councils, Bruce was a prime target for the “Reba 4” alliance and the remaining original Lulu, Emily Flippen.


A plan brewed to unsettle Bruce’s game by convincing others he no longer possessed a Hidden Immunity Idol, a move aimed to secure his elimination at the next Tribal Council. However, the plan was quickly exposed, thwarting its effectiveness.

The episode unfolded with strategic maneuvering and a pivotal Reward Challenge that awarded Emily an indulgent stay at the Sanctuary. While the women bonded and solidified their plan to target Bruce and Jake, a confrontation brewed between Drew and Jake, solidifying divides among the castaways.

The Immunity Challenge witnessed a nail-biting battle, with Bruce and Austin contending fiercely for safety. Ultimately, Austin clinched the Immunity Necklace, leaving Bruce vulnerable, yet he opted not to play his Hidden Immunity Idol, banking on a strategic alliance to eliminate Julie.

However, the tables turned as Emily, Julie, Katurah, and Jake rallied against Bruce, resulting in his departure with an unused Idol. Bruce departed graciously, marking the final seven and signaling an imminent shift in alliances as the game hurtles toward its climax.

As Survivor 45 barrels ahead, the dynamics within the remaining contestants promise further twists and turns, keeping audiences riveted to the unpredictable game of strategy, betrayal, and survival.