Who was the first-ever head coach of ‘The Chiefs’?


The inaugural head coach of ‘The Chiefs,’ the esteemed American football franchise, was Hank Stram, a visionary leader who laid the foundation for the team’s storied legacy and enduring success. Appointed as the head coach when the team was known as the Dallas Texans in the early 1960s, Stram played an instrumental role in shaping the identity and culture of the franchise that would later become The Chiefs.

Hank Stram’s tenure as the head coach began in 1960 when the team was based in Dallas, Texas, and known as the Dallas Texans in the newly formed American Football League (AFL). Under Stram’s guidance, the team made significant strides, displaying promise and determination from the outset.

However, the turning point for Stram and the team came with the relocation of the franchise to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1963. It was during this transition that the team was rebranded as The Chiefs, marking a new chapter in the franchise’s history.


With the move to Kansas City, Stram’s influence and coaching expertise came to the forefront. He cultivated a winning culture and instilled a sense of unity and purpose within the team. Stram’s strategic brilliance and innovative approach to the game laid the groundwork for The Chiefs’ success in the years to come.

Under his leadership, The Chiefs flourished, showcasing a potent offense and a stout defense that propelled the team to new heights. Stram’s coaching style emphasized meticulous preparation, attention to detail, and an emphasis on fundamentals, which became the bedrock of the team’s success.

The crowning achievement of Hank Stram’s coaching career with The Chiefs came in 1970 when he led the team to victory in Super Bowl IV. The Chiefs’ triumph over the Minnesota Vikings marked a historic moment, solidifying Stram’s place in football history and cementing the franchise’s status as champions of the sport.

Beyond his coaching acumen, Stram was known for his charismatic personality and innovative coaching methods. He was one of the first coaches to wear a microphone during a game, allowing fans to get a glimpse into the strategic decisions and insights on the sidelines.

Hank Stram’s legacy as the first head coach of The Chiefs remains a testament to his coaching prowess, leadership, and lasting impact on the franchise. His contributions laid the groundwork for the team’s success and established a tradition of excellence that continues to resonate within the Chiefs’ organization and among its passionate fanbase. Stram’s name remains synonymous with the early glory days of The Chiefs, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise’s history.