Who voices Anxiety in ‘Inside Out 2?’


In Pixar’s sequel, Inside Out 2, a new character named Anxiety is introduced as part of Riley’s mind, embodying the emotions of feeling overwhelmed and worried, particularly relevant for a young teenager. The voice behind this new character is provided by Maya Hawke.

Maya Hawke, known for her acting prowess, is recognized as the daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Her career boasts several notable roles across both film and television. One of her prominent roles is that of Robin Buckley in the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. Her portrayal in this popular show significantly contributed to her rising fame.

Additionally, Maya Hawke starred in the film “Mainstream,” alongside Camila Mendes, and also played a significant part in her father Ethan Hawke’s movie, “WildCat,” which delves into the life of writer Flannery O’Connor.


Apart from these, Hawke’s filmography includes appearances in projects such as “Asteroid City,” the 2017 adaptation of “Little Women,” “Fear Street: Part One – 1994,” and “The Kill Room.” Her diverse roles across various genres showcase her versatility and talent as an actress.