Who plays Weird Barbie in ‘Barbie?’


The upcoming Barbie film boasts an array of diverse Barbie characters, including the unconventional and enigmatic ‘Weird Barbie.’ While Margot Robbie portrays the classic Barbie, embodying the iconic doll’s traditional features, this movie introduces various Barbies played by talented actresses such as Hari Nef as Doctor Barbie, Issa Rae as President Barbie, Emma Mackey as Nobel Prize Scientist Barbie, and Ana Cruz Kayne as Supreme Court Justice Barbie.

Enter ‘Weird Barbie,’ a peculiar rendition portrayed by Kate McKinnon, celebrated for her comedic prowess. In contrast to the standard Barbie archetype, this character defies conventions, sporting a shorter haircut, unconventional attire, and artistic facial markings. McKinnon’s casting choice perfectly aligns with the character’s eccentricity, reflecting her unconventional nature both visually and behaviorally.

In the film, Robbie’s Barbie visits Weird Barbie in her distinct and abstract residence seeking answers during a tumultuous period in her otherwise perfect life. McKinnon described her character as the one Barbie typically designated for unconventional makeovers, embodying a quirky and less conventional persona.


Director Greta Gerwig drew inspiration for Weird Barbie from various sources, including Lois Lowry’s novel “The Giver.” This character embodies a repository of unique knowledge and experiences, akin to the giver in the book, possessing insights that set her apart from others.

For Gerwig, this portrayal held personal significance, stemming from her childhood experiences with hand-me-down Barbies that arrived with unconventional hairstyles, reflecting the influence of older girls in her neighborhood who had already modified these dolls.

McKinnon’s comedic brilliance and long-standing friendship with Gerwig made her an ideal choice for this distinct role. Gerwig expressed delight at collaborating with McKinnon again, reminiscing about their shared background in an improv group during their university days.

McKinnon also embraced her portrayal, relishing the character’s wild hairstyle, marker-adorned face, and unconventional attire. Her experience on SNL, where she masterfully embodied various personas and earned accolades for her performances, contributed to her success in bringing life to Weird Barbie.

Though McKinnon departed SNL in 2022, she has maintained a robust presence in film, appearing in productions like “Ghostbusters,” “Rough Night,” and “Bombshell.” Her portrayal as Weird Barbie in the Barbie film showcases her versatility, allowing audiences to witness her comedic genius in a distinctive and offbeat role.