Who narrates ‘Barbie?’


The portrayal of the narrator in Hasbro’s 2023 Barbie film might have left you pondering the voice behind the scenes. Look no further, for it was none other than the esteemed Helen Mirren.

In a striking display of sheer elegance and charisma, Mirren graced the Cannes Film Festival dressed as Vice-Admiral Holdo from The Last Jedi, exhibiting an enviable level of confidence. Such an audacious move speaks volumes—imagine turning up at Sundance sporting a Darth Vader helmet, a move that might earn a swift rebuke from the likes of Robert Redford.

Behold her again, this time adorning a poster for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, credited solely as “the narrator.” This stands as irrefutable evidence that Mirren indeed lent her voice to the film, meriting her own promotional spotlight despite her face never gracing a single frame of the final production.


And why? Because Helen Mirren exudes a level of coolness akin to that of a 78-year-old British icon. Mirren’s career trajectory parallels the likes of Betty White and Jeff Goldblum—initial success, a lull, and then an impressive resurgence later in life. She stands as one of the select few British actors who’ve managed to shine without stepping into the realms of Harry Potter or Doctor Who. While some peers were delving into different roles, Mirren dived into the Fast and the Furious franchise, took on the antagonist role in Shazam 2, and contributed significantly to the acclaimed satire series Documentary Now!, accumulating an impressive 500 IMDb credits.

Beyond her memorable character portrayals, Mirren’s public persona ignited a fervor, especially in 2008, when a bikini photo of her had the world buzzing. Her connections in Hollywood are noteworthy, counting Vin Diesel among her close friends, with the actor openly declaring his unwavering admiration for her. Her portrayal of royal figures—appearing twice as Queen Elizabeth, embodying Queen Charlotte once, and voicing the Queen of Egypt in The Prince of Egypt—solidifies her regal presence in film.

In essence, Helen Mirren reigns supreme, an iconic figure whose multifaceted talents and magnetic allure continue to captivate audiences worldwide.