Who is Valak in The Conjuring universe?


In the world of The Conjuring, who is Valak? A terrific villain is essential to every horror story. You need someone (or something) to pursue you if you want to flee, whether it be obnoxious ghosts or flesh-eating zombies. Typically, in the universe of The Conjuring, it’s the evil demon Valak.

Of course, the world of The Conjuring contains a wide variety of different antagonists. Witches, omnipotent dolls, and an elderly man who simply wants his house back have all appeared in The Conjuring films in chronological sequence. But if the finest horror films have left us with anything, it’s a memorable demon, and Valak wins the prize in this instance.

But precisely who is Valak in the world of The Conjuring? What’s the issue? We’re here to fill you in on all the details you want on the recurring demon from The Conjuring films. Franchise spoilers are forthcoming!



Who is Valak in The Conjuring Universe?

The major enemy of The Conjuring films, Valak, is a demon that makes multiple appearances throughout but most famously assumes the appearance of a frightening nun.

You should definitely understand the mythology around the demon in order to comprehend the movie Valak. This is due to the fact that Valak, although mostly known for pursuing Ed and Lorraine Warren throughout The Conjuring chronology, also appears in The Nun spin-off movies and was the original demon that served as inspiration for the movie.

It has been referred to as the Great President of Hell and has been featured in several historical sources. Although it has been given many other names and spellings, we’ll use the term “Valak” to refer to this demonic foe as it is canon to The Conjuring.

In the movies, Valak first appears as a nun-like apparition haunting Lorraine in The Conjuring 2. The first time she has it occurs in the opening scene of the film, when Lorraine is sedated and in a trance. In Lorraine’s dream state, Valak entices her into a cellar and teases her with visions of Ed being butchered.

It is revealed that Valak is actually torturing the Warren family’s ghost, Bill Wilkins, into terrorising them at a later time when the Warrens are working on the Enfield Haunting investigation. It loses all power and is sent back to Hell when Lorraine is able to recollect Valak’s name and utter it aloud. See ya!

Naturally, this isn’t Valak’s only appearance in the ghost films. In addition to making passing references or hints in earlier Conjuring films, Valak has made an official appearance in four of them. Along with both The Nun movies, Valak also made an appearance in Annabelle: Creation and The Conjuring 2. (It briefly manifested as “The Crooked Man” in The Conjuring 2 as well.)