Who is Travis Kelce’s dad?


Ed Kelce, an individual with a unique parental distinction, holds the proud title of being the father to not just one, but two NFL Super Bowl players in the same year. His sons, Travis and Jason Kelce, athletes respectively representing the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, squared off against each other in Super Bowl LVII earlier this year.

While Donna Kelce, the mother of Jason and Travis, has garnered significant media attention, particularly regarding her sons’ high-profile association with Taylor Swift, Ed Kelce has maintained a lower public profile. Here’s what is known about this proud patriarch.

Ed Kelce, reportedly born around 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio, had aspirations of serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. Unfortunately, a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease forced him to discontinue his enlistment, redirecting him toward a career in the steel industry as a sales representative in his hometown. Additionally, during Christmas seasons, he worked in a candy shop.


He crossed paths with Donna in the late 1970s, and they tied the knot in the early 1980s. After five years of marriage, their family expanded with the birth of two sons: Jason in 1987 and Travis in 1989. According to the Kelce brothers, their parents separated around the turn of the millennium after nearly 25 years of marriage, while the boys were in their adolescence. Donna Kelce mentioned on the New Heights podcast, “I don’t hate him. We’re friends to this day. We get along great.”

Despite the separation, Ed and Donna Kelce remain actively involved in their sons’ lives, frequently attending their football games and fulfilling their roles as grandparents. Through Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce, they share three granddaughters: Wyatt (born 2019), Elliotte (born 2021), and Bennett (born 2023).

Both Jason and Travis acknowledge their father’s athletic prowess in his youth, having engaged in football and rugby. Ed adopted a tough-love coaching approach with his sons, encouraging them to pursue football seriously. On the New Heights podcast, he emphasized his role in nurturing their passions, stating, “My job is to help you find a passion, and then feed that passion. Whatever you want to do, I’m there. It was very apparent to me when you were in high school that there was something outrageously special about both of you.”

Ed has expressed intentions to publish an autobiography titled “Somebody to Grow Up With,” delving into his relationship with his sons. Though the publication date remains undisclosed, he shared an encounter with Taylor Swift during a Chiefs football game, admiring her humble demeanor, specifically recalling her gesture of tidying up scattered items in a suite.

While awaiting the release of his autobiography, it’s evident that Ed Kelce shares a positive rapport with his son’s high-profile girlfriend, Taylor Swift, showcasing an amicable relationship with arguably one of the world’s most renowned women.