Who is the traitor is in ‘Tokyo Revengers?’


In the popular series “Tokyo Revengers,” the shocking revelation of Yasuhiro Muto as the traitor within the Tokyo Manji gang took many viewers by surprise. His status as the Fifth Division Captain added an extra layer of unexpectedness to his betrayal. Although the impact might have been even greater had the traitor been a central character, delving into Muto’s history with Izana Kurokawa sheds light on the motivations behind his actions.

Their fateful meeting in prison marked the inception of the S-62 Generation, a significant turning point in both their lives. After Muto’s release preceding Izana’s, he integrated into different gang circles and eventually found his place in the Tokyo Manji gang. Upon hearing of Izana’s own release, Muto reconnected with him, and together they forged the foundation of the Tenjiku, a new criminal syndicate.

Rather than severing ties completely with the Tokyo Manji gang, Muto strategically opted to remain within its ranks, serving as a conduit of valuable information to Izana. This intricate web of espionage and loyalty ultimately culminated in the startling betrayal unveiled in season 3, episode 1. It serves as a stark reminder that one’s true nature may remain concealed until their past is brought to light.


For fans of the series, the first two seasons of “Tokyo Revengers” are readily available for streaming, with the highly anticipated season 3 offering fresh episodes on a weekly basis.