Who is the traitor in ‘My Hero Academia?’


In the world of My Hero Academia, the revelation of a traitor within U.A. Academy’s walls sent shockwaves through both the hero and villain communities. In Chapter 335 of the manga series, All For One ominously hinted at activating a traitor within U.A. Academy, sparking speculation and intrigue among fans. Initially, the final page of the chapter seemed to implicate Toru Hagakure, a student from Class 1-A who possesses the ability to turn invisible. However, the subsequent chapter, Chapter 336, unveiled the true identity of the traitor: Yuga Aoyama.

Yuga Aoyama, also known as the “Shining Hero,” is a flamboyant and somewhat eccentric student from Class 1-A. His unique Quirk allows him to shoot lasers from his belly button, a power that sets him apart from his peers. Despite his outward confidence and aspirations to become a hero, it is revealed that Aoyama has been secretly collaborating with All For One, the arch-nemesis of All Might, and passing on information to the villainous organization.

In Chapter 336, Toru Hagakure discovers Aoyama in distress and learns that his parents are pressuring him to comply with All For One’s demands out of fear for their safety. Aoyama’s parents, desperate to protect their Quirkless son in a world dominated by Quirks, struck a deal with All For One: in exchange for Aoyama’s loyalty, the villain would grant him a Quirk, thus ensuring his safety and future prospects. Aoyama reluctantly agreed to the arrangement, leading him to spy on his classmates at U.A. Academy and pass on valuable information to the villains.


Despite his conflicted feelings and guilt over betraying his friends and classmates, Aoyama felt compelled to fulfill his end of the bargain to protect his family from potential retaliation by All For One. His revelation as the traitor within U.A. Academy’s ranks adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing struggle between heroes and villains, highlighting the moral ambiguity and difficult choices faced by individuals caught in the crossfire of their circumstances.