Who is the Sun God Nika is ‘One Piece?’


“One Piece,” a beloved manga and anime series, has captivated audiences for an impressive 26 years, and yet, the narrative continues to unfurl an ever-expanding tapestry of mysteries. Among these enigmas, two stand out prominently: the secrets shrouding the Void Century and the enigmatic figure known as the Sun God Nika. Though seemingly disparate, there is a glimmer of insight into at least one of these enigmas.

The Void Century remains a colossal enigma, its secrets awaiting the moment they are unveiled, perhaps in the forthcoming chapters. On the other hand, the enigma of Sun God Nika, while partially illuminated, remains cloaked in speculation and fan theories. Over time, Eiichiro Oda, the creator, has assured fans that we possess at least the foundational understanding of this enigmatic deity.


Who is Nika in the world of ‘One Piece’?


The initial mention of the Sun God Nika, as predominantly known among slaves, traces back to the early chapters of the Wano arc. Introduced by Who’s Who, Nika is depicted as a legend so potent that the prison guard who dared to speak his name mysteriously vanished, leaving many to suspect that he met an untimely end for his transgression.

In the Egghead arc, Vegapunk alludes to Nika as nearly a prophet, a figure whose existence only surfaces in ancient texts, with the general populace remaining oblivious to the name. Yet, the veracity of Nika’s existence, whether he is a mere folktale or a genuine historical entity, possibly tied to the elusive Void Century, remains unconfirmed. What is unmistakable is the World Government’s concerted effort to keep Nika’s existence veiled in secrecy.

Regrettably, our knowledge of Nika is meagre. He stands as the inaugural deity introduced in ‘One Piece,’ known to have been a formidable warrior. Slaves held him in reverence, finding solace in the belief that Nika would be their saviour. By the conclusion of the Wano arc, we learn that Luffy’s Devil Fruit is none other than the Human Human Fruit, Model: Nika – purportedly linked to the Sun God.

In the most recent chapters of ‘One Piece,’ Nika’s name resurfaces. In Chapter 1094, during Admiral Kizaru’s clash with Luffy, the former is cryptically referred to as “Nika” by one of the five elders, Saturn, upon witnessing the Straw Hats’ Gear 5 mode. In Chapter 1095, we discover that Kuma’s race, the Buccaneers, holds a steadfast belief that the Sun God Nika will one day arrive with the liberating beat of drums to emancipate them.

While our knowledge remains restricted, what little we do grasp is enough to quicken the pulse, especially if Nika emerges once more, embodied in Luffy, to liberate all slaves, thus actualizing the prophecy and legend that has been passed down through the generations. The anticipation for further revelations in this captivating saga is palpable.