Who is The Mule in Foundation?


How does The Mule appear in Foundation? Despite the fact that the Foundation’s second season has just ended, we are eagerly anticipating the third. Although there isn’t much information available regarding the next run, we do know that The Mule should finally be feared.

Fans of the Foundation will already be familiar with the ghost of The Mule, who has shown briefly in a few episodes of one of the finest TV shows on Apple TV Plus. He is portrayed by Mikael Persbrandt from the television series Sex Education, and he is terrifying enough to rival the worst movie villains.

Who is The Mule, though, and what can we infer about him from the Isaac Asimov source material?



The Mule backstory explained

The Mule is a strong mutant that emerges as a danger to the Foundation in the Asimov books. He eventually takes control of the First Foundation and plans to attack the covert Second Foundation.

In fact, the Foundation that is seen on television frequently deviates greatly from the universe Asimov imagined. On the other hand, The Mule poses a lethal threat to the success of Seldon’s scheme on paper. He initially made an appearance in the second book, Foundation and Empire, and he immediately declared war on the rising Foundation. He was ultimately defeated by the Second Foundation, who were able to change his mind.

The Mule throws a wrench in the works when it comes to psychohistory, which is maybe what makes it so interesting. The foundation of Hari Seldon’s strategy was the relatively predictable predictability of human emotions, which is fine until The Mule starts using his abilities to control them.

As a mutation and an abnormality, The Mule faced persecution. He gave himself the moniker in allusion to his inherent sterility and, at one point, pretended to be a clown. There is a lot happening.

The Mule is a bit of a snag in the works when it comes to psychohistory, which is maybe the most fascinating aspect. The idea behind Hari Seldon’s scheme was to take advantage of the relatively predictable predictability of human emotions, which is all well and good until The Mule starts utilising his abilities to control them.

The Mule was attacked because it was an anomaly and a mutation. In response to his sterility due to genetics, he gave himself that moniker. At one point, he also went undercover as a clown. A much is happening.