Who is the host of the ‘Sister Wives?’


The tumultuous world of Sister Wives, where Kody Brown navigates relationships with four wives—Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine—has become the focal point of intense scrutiny and discussion. Over a combined span of approximately 103 years, the polygamist marriages have faced both admiration and criticism, leading to intense speculation and analysis.

Attempting to unravel the complexities and dynamics of this intricate family structure is Sukanya Krishnan, a well-known former New York news anchor and television personality. With her background in reality TV hosting, including shows like TLC’s Find Love Live and the Discovery Plus series 90 Day Fiance: Love Games, Krishnan is no stranger to the world of unscripted television. She has previously hosted “one-on-one” episodes for seasons 16 and 17 of Sister Wives, making her a familiar face to viewers tuning into the tell-all specials.

The latest installment, Season 18, promises a multi-week tell-all saga that delves deep into the family’s dynamics. In the first episode aired on Sunday, November 26, Kody Brown confessed to having only fallen in love with one of his wives, which sparked significant attention and speculation. The subsequent episodes, scheduled to air every Sunday on TLC, are anticipated to continue unveiling the drama and revelations within the Brown family.


As Sister Wives continues to captivate audiences, the tell-all episodes hosted by Sukanya Krishnan offer an insider’s view into the complexities, challenges, and emotional landscape of the polygamist family, adding further intrigue and interest to the unfolding narrative.