Who is the Abyss in Marvel?


The much-anticipated sequel to the award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is creating significant buzz, especially with the potential introduction of The Spot’s transformation into a villain known as The Abyss. Twitter user @CanWeGetSomeToast shared purported concept art featuring The Spot evolving into The Abyss, teasing a monumental shift in the character’s abilities and role.

The transformation into The Abyss could take inspiration from various characters within the Marvel universe, leading to speculation about who or what The Abyss might entail:

Originating from the extreme 1993 miniseries Death Metal, this Abyss is an interdimensional demon known for obliterating realities he traverses. His penchant for consuming energy and mass aligns with The Spot’s newfound powers, offering thematic parallels.


A character from the 1990s X-Men comics, this Abyss had a cell-shaded appearance, teleporting individuals through a portal in his abdomen. His eccentric design and abilities pushed the boundaries of mutant capabilities, although he remains relatively obscure in current Marvel lore.  Featured in Nova comics, this Abyss is a formidable elder god entity with potent mind control abilities, capable of wreaking havoc and potentially leading to the universe’s destruction.

Represented as the final boss in Marvel vs Capcom 2, this iteration of Abyss is enigmatic, multi-form, and a challenge for multiple characters within the game. Integrating this character into the Spider-Verse continuity could be bold and adventurous.

Introduced by writer Jonathan Hickman, this Abyss was part of a duo of avatars of creation, possessing abilities akin to a living Star Trek Genesis Device. This character represents Hickman’s penchant for creating complex and compelling new entities within the Marvel landscape.

With such diverse origins and abilities associated with various versions of Abyss across different Marvel series, the potential transformation of The Spot into The Abyss could incorporate elements from these different iterations. It remains an intriguing mystery until the release of Across the Spider-Verse: Part Two, promising an enthralling continuation to the Spider-Verse saga.