Who Is Star Corey Cott Married To?


Corey Cott, known for his role in the Broadway musical “Newsies,” proposed to Meghan Woollard during a voice lab session in front of his classmates at Carnegie Mellon University. He sang Josh Groban’s “When You Say You Love Me” and, overcome with emotion, proposed to Meghan at the end of the song.

Meghan Woollard Cott, born in October 1987, is three years older than Corey. Unlike Corey, Meghan pursued a career in computer software after graduating from West Virginia University. Corey appreciates that she’s not in the acting industry, as it allows them to have a normal life together without discussing work.

The couple has three sons: Elliott, Nolan, and Asher. Corey often expresses his love and admiration for Meghan, especially during her pregnancies, and calls her a “gorgeous saint.” They share a strong connection through their faith and involvement in their church community.


Corey’s younger brother, “Riverdale” star Casey Cott, expected Corey to officiate his wedding ceremony, showcasing their close family bond. Overall, the Cotts prioritize family, singing, and their faith in their lives.