Who Is Sophia Bush’s Girlfriend?


Sophia Bush surprised many fans when reports emerged of her new romantic involvement with United States women’s national soccer team star Ashlyn Harris. This development occurred only two months after Sophia announced her separation from Grant Hughes, her husband of a brief 13 months. Despite being friends for years and moving in similar social circles, Sophia and Ashlyn’s first dinner date was a recent occurrence, marking the beginning of a new chapter for both.

Interestingly, Ashlyn Harris herself was undergoing a divorce from fellow football star Ali Krieger after four years of marriage. However, it’s essential to note that her relationship with Sophia had no bearing on the breakup. The divorce process had already been in motion for months, and they had been living apart since the summer.

As of now, neither Sophia Bush nor Ashlyn Harris have publicly addressed these dating rumors. Fans are naturally eager to learn more about this new development, especially regarding Ashlyn, who isn’t frequently seen in Hollywood circles. What might come as a surprise to many is that Ashlyn is a mother of two and has retired from professional soccer.


Ashlyn Harris, alongside her former wife Ali Krieger, adopted two children. Their journey began in 2010, culminating in marriage in 2019. In 2021, they welcomed their daughter Sloane Philips into their family, and in August of 2022, they expanded their family further with the arrival of their son Ocean Maeve, whom they also adopted.

While Ashlyn Harris enjoyed a remarkable career as a professional athlete, she expressed that being a mother has brought her unparalleled fulfillment. She emphasized that, above all her achievements, being a mom is the most rewarding and incredible experience of her life. She spoke of her excitement about the possibility of expanding their family further through adoption in the future.

In November 2022, after a 13-year tenure as a senior player, Ashlyn Harris decided to retire from professional soccer. Her impressive career included pivotal roles in championship-winning teams, including the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, as well as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. In her retirement statement, she expressed immense gratitude for the honor of representing her country both on and off the field. Ashlyn shared that soccer, while a significant part of her life, is not the entirety of her identity, and she is thoroughly enjoying the freedom and flexibility that come with retirement.