Who is ‘Selling Sunset’ star Jason Oppenheim?


Jason Oppenheim, the prominent figurehead behind the Netflix reality sensation “Selling Sunset” and the eponymous Oppenheim Group, stands as a stalwart in the luxury property market. Renowned for brokering deals with Hollywood’s elite, including Meryl Streep, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Scherzinger, and other A-list luminaries, Oppenheim navigates the company through its highs and lows while maintaining a grip on its operations amid the endless dramas portrayed on the show.

With a net worth that commands attention, Oppenheim’s profile in the luxury real estate realm is formidable. According to reports from Cosmopolitan, he consistently manages at least $100 million worth of property listings at any given time, in addition to owning personal properties valued at approximately $19 million. Throughout his illustrious career, Oppenheim’s sales record boasts an impressive $1 billion worth of homes sold. The outlet estimates his personal net worth to be around $50 million, while the overall value of the Oppenheim Group he leads likely surpasses this figure by a considerable margin.

Despite his professional successes, Oppenheim’s personal life has also drawn public interest. As of November 2023, he remains unmarried, with his last serious relationship documented with Marie-Lou Nurk, a German model-design company strategist, which concluded after a 10-month duration. Presently, Oppenheim appears to be single.


One of the notable facets of Oppenheim’s life is his relationship with his identical twin brother, Brett Oppenheim, who was also featured prominently on “Selling Sunset.” While the show revealed Brett’s departure from the Oppenheim Group to establish his own brokerage firm, Oppenheim Real Estate, it emphasized that the siblings maintained a strong bond despite their professional separation. Both Jason and Brett have asserted that there is no animosity between them and that they maintain an amicable relationship.

Regarding Jason Oppenheim’s height, conflicting reports exist. While Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn claims they are significantly shorter than their reported height of five feet, six inches, alleging they stand at five feet, three inches, the actual difference remains subjective and open to interpretation, especially considering Christine’s penchant for wearing heels.

The Oppenheim family’s legacy in the property business spans several generations, with roots tracing back to 1889 when Jason’s great-great-grandfather, Jacob Stern, founded the Oppenheim Group. Their involvement in significant real estate deals, such as the creation of the iconic Hollywood Plaza Hotel in 1925 and the sale of a former horse barn that led to the establishment of Paramount Pictures, further solidifies their place in Hollywood’s history.

While Jason Oppenheim inherited a wealthy family legacy, his personal success as a realtor, selling over $1 billion in properties, has contributed significantly to his individual wealth. His net worth, both personal and attributable to the Oppenheim Group, underscores the influence and financial stature of his family’s long-standing presence in the property market.