Who is Sean Hannity’s rumored girlfriend


Sean Hannity, the prominent conservative talk show host and political commentator, rose to fame during the Trump era, becoming one of Fox News’ most renowned hosts. Taking over from Bill O’Reilly, Hannity’s show garnered millions of views, solidifying his status as a household name worldwide. In addition to his political commentary, Hannity made headlines when he testified under oath, acknowledging that he knew Donald Trump’s claims of 2020 election voter fraud were misleading.

However, it’s Hannity’s romantic life that has been making headlines since he announced his divorce from ex-wife Jill Rhodes. Rumors abound that the 61-year-old Hannity is in a relationship with fellow Fox News host, 46-year-old Ainsley Earhardt. While the pair has not officially confirmed their relationship, public sightings suggest that their connection runs deeper than mere friendship.

Ainsley Earhardt, much like Hannity, is a prominent figure in the right-leaning news arena. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina and joined Fox News in 2007. She became a co-host at Fox & Friends and has been featured on various Fox programs. Earhardt has been married twice, first to Kevin McKinney in 2005, and then to Will Proctor in 2012, with whom she has a daughter named Hayden.


While the possibility of a romantic involvement between Hannity and Earhardt isn’t entirely surprising, both parties have not confirmed their relationship. However, according to sources close to Hannity, they have been dating since 2019, the year of their respective divorces. There have been public appearances and social situations where they acted as a couple, lending credibility to the speculation.

Despite initial denials, Earhardt stated in 2020 that she wasn’t dating Hannity, emphasizing her focus on raising her daughter. Hannity, on the other hand, has maintained a private stance on his personal life. Yet, insiders suggest that their rumored relationship is an open secret among Fox News staff.

In April 2023, further potential confirmation emerged. According to a source, they are “extremely happy together” and have been for a while. Both individuals are known for their privacy, opting to keep their personal lives discreet. Reports even indicated that they were seen vacationing together in Florida, with Hannity reportedly making adjustments to his home, suggesting a deepening commitment to Earhardt and her family.