Who is Robert Costello?


Costello’s involvement in the high-profile hush money trial, which revolves around allegations of Trump’s role in silencing adult film actress Stormy Daniels, further underscores his significance in Trump’s legal affairs. In 2018, Costello briefly assumed an advisory role to Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, during the latter’s federal investigation. While the nature of Costello’s advisory position remained unofficial, his communications with Cohen during this tumultuous period, marked by FBI scrutiny and mounting legal pressure, are of particular interest.


Who is Robert Costello

Robert J. Costello, a seasoned attorney and notable Trump ally, has long been intertwined with the intricate legal landscape surrounding the former president. His close association with Rudy Giuliani, spanning years of professional collaboration and personal friendship, underscores his significance within Trump’s legal orbit. Costello’s legal expertise, predominantly focused on criminal and commercial litigation, federal investigations, and administrative law, has positioned him as a key player in New York City’s legal arena, particularly within the esteemed law firm of Davidoff Hutcher and Citron LLP.


Cohen alleges that Costello encouraged him to maintain loyalty to Trump, advising him to “stay in the fold, don’t flip, don’t speak.” This purported counsel, coupled with reassurances of having “friends in high places,” suggests Costello’s efforts to assuage Cohen’s concerns and uphold Trump’s interests. Costello, however, denies issuing such directives, asserting that his communications merely relayed messages from Trump’s legal team. Regardless, the rift between Costello and Cohen widened following Cohen’s guilty plea and subsequent imprisonment in 2018.

Costello’s testimony before a grand jury last year sought to undermine Cohen’s assertions, painting him as a “serial liar” and challenging the veracity of incriminating emails. He adamantly refuted claims of Trump’s involvement in directing Cohen’s actions, citing a plethora of emails that purportedly contradicted such allegations. However, the prosecution, keen on highlighting the coercive undertones of the communication between Costello and Cohen, underscored the significance of these emails as evidence of a “pressure campaign” aimed at securing Cohen’s allegiance.

Amidst swirling legal battles and mounting scrutiny, Costello remains a pivotal figure in Trump’s legal defense, steadfast in his efforts to refute Cohen’s testimony and shield Trump from culpability in the hush money scandal. As the trial unfolds, the intricate dynamics between Costello, Cohen, and Trump continue to shape the trajectory of this high-profile legal saga.