Who is Reese Witherspoon dating now?


Reese Witherspoon, the 47-year-old actress, recently ended her twelve-year marriage with Jim Toth. The announcement of their split was made on Instagram, where they shared a joint statement expressing their commitment to focusing on their family, particularly their 10-year-old son, Tennessee James.

Their relationship became public in 2010, after being seen together at dinner, and by February 2010, they were spotted as a couple. By December of the same year, they were engaged. However, reports emerged suggesting that their marriage took a turn for the worse due to issues related to Toth’s midlife crisis, altering his attitude and perspective on life, according to various sources.

Witherspoon revealed in an interview with Elle that she met Toth at a friend’s gathering when he intervened to help his intoxicated friend. Their relationship blossomed from there, leading to their marriage in March 2011 and the birth of their son in 2012. They frequently attended events together and publicly supported each other until their recent separation.


Before her marriage to Jim Toth, Witherspoon was married to actor Ryan Phillippe from 1999 to 2008. Their relationship began in 1997 after meeting at her 21st birthday celebration. They had two children together, Ava and Deacon Phillippe, born in 1999 and 2003, respectively. However, their marriage faced challenges, resulting in a separation announced in 2006, during which they remained committed to their family. Rumors circulated that Phillippe had an affair with Abbie Cornish, potentially contributing to their divorce.

Between her marriages, Witherspoon was romantically linked to various Hollywood personalities, including Jeremey Sisto and Jake Gyllenhaal. Nevertheless, her recent separation from Toth has ignited speculation about her next romantic interest. Some reports suggest a potential relationship with newly single Kevin Costner, especially as they have been collaborating on a project. While they haven’t been seen together publicly, rumors hint at a possible transformation from a professional association into something more.

Though the prospect of Witherspoon and Costner becoming the next Hollywood power couple looms, it’s essential to tread cautiously until any potential relationship between them is confirmed.