Who is Rebecca Soteros?


Paul Walker’s former girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros, and their daughter, Meadow Walker, were thrust into the limelight amidst the tragedy of the actor’s sudden death. While the public’s focus primarily centered on Walker’s professional life and legacy, there were controversial and complex aspects of his personal life concerning his former partner and daughter that were less explored and discussed.

Rebecca Soteros, born in 1974, lived her life away from the spotlight, receiving media attention mainly due to her turbulent relationship with Paul Walker and her role as a single mother raising their daughter, Meadow.

Her romantic involvement with Walker, which commenced in 1998 when she was in her early 20s, was brief yet riddled with complications, reportedly intensifying due to her pregnancy. Despite attending the same school during their childhood, their relationship ended in 1999, with reasons for the breakup speculated to include arguments and Soteros’ alleged struggles with alcoholism, an issue that later influenced her custody battle for Meadow.


In interviews following Walker’s untimely death, he openly discussed the unplanned pregnancy and his struggles with commitment. He candidly admitted to his prior philandering lifestyle and inability to embrace fatherhood, leading to his reluctance to marry Soteros.

After their separation, Soteros moved to Hawaii, where she raised Meadow and continued her career in teaching. However, Meadow shifted to live with her father in California at the age of 13, for reasons speculated to be linked to Soteros’ reported alcohol issues or Meadow’s desire to strengthen her bond with her father, away from the Hollywood spotlight.

Soteros faced a challenging custody battle after Walker’s demise when his mother, Cheryl Walker, sought sole guardianship of Meadow, citing concerns about Soteros’ alleged alcoholism. However, insiders refuted these claims, emphasizing Soteros’ capabilities as a mother and her positive relationship with Meadow. Eventually, Soteros acquiesced to a rehabilitation program, which was part of the resolution demanded by Cheryl.

Since then, Soteros has led a low-profile life, away from public attention. She refrains from social media and maintains a quiet existence, focusing on supporting her daughter’s philanthropic endeavors. Meadow launched The Paul Walker Foundation, which advocates for marine conservation—reflecting her father’s passion for the cause. Soteros actively assists Meadow in her philanthropic work, embodying a private yet supportive presence in her daughter’s life.

Despite the controversies and challenges she faced, Rebecca Soteros continues to live a peaceful life away from the public eye, choosing to support her daughter’s admirable philanthropic efforts, aligning with the values her late father held dear.