Who is Praetorian Jack in ‘Furiosa’?


Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga has officially kicked up a storm of dust in cinemas, and for fans of George Miller’s dystopian universe, it’s akin to being handed a slice of heaven, just shy of a Fury Road re-release in IMAX. With powerhouse performances from Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, the essence of Mad Max is as potent as ever, even if the film doesn’t quite pack the punch some might have expected.

While familiar faces from Miller’s 2015 masterpiece make a welcome return in Furiosa, the addition of new characters adds another layer of intrigue. Among them, Hemsworth’s enigmatic dictator Dementus steals the spotlight, but hot on his heels is Tom Burke’s Praetorian Jack, whose role proves pivotal in Furiosa’s journey.


But who exactly is Praetorian Jack?


Introduced shortly after Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa takes center stage (preceded by Alyla Brown’s portrayal of young Furiosa), Jack commands Immortan Joe’s Citadel military forces and pilots the formidable War Rig, a mobile fortress armed to the teeth for supply runs and skirmishes with raiders.

During one such mission, Furiosa attempts to commandeer the War Rig from Jack, hoping to use it to return home. However, Jack thwarts her plans, leaving her stranded. Yet, in a twist of fate, he circles back and offers Furiosa a surprising proposition: to join him as his second-in-command and learn the ways of survival in the wasteland. Amidst their partnership, a deep bond forms, culminating in a passionate love affair.

Their resilience is tested when they come under attack by Dementus and his cohorts during a supply run to Gastown. Despite their valiant efforts to fight back and escape together, their dreams of reaching the Green Place are shattered when Dementus captures and tortures Jack, leading to his tragic demise.

In essence, Praetorian Jack serves as Furiosa’s mentor and lover, skilled in driving and combat, and someone for whom Furiosa is willing to risk everything. His loss adds another layer of complexity to Furiosa’s vendetta against Dementus, intensifying her thirst for vengeance.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga hits theaters in the United States on May 24, promising audiences a thrilling journey into the heart of the wasteland.