Who is Naoko Takeuch?


The journey for BLACKPINK fans has indeed been fraught with uncertainty. Contract negotiations and the group’s future have been hanging in the balance, leaving fans unsure of what to expect. Despite a highly successful world tour, the fate of the girl group remains uncertain, with YG Entertainment’s handling of BLACKPINK’s endeavors being a topic of discussion among fans.

However, a ray of unexpected light has finally shone through, granting BLINKS a well-deserved victory: a new single from Jennie. As the main rapper and lead vocalist of the group, Jennie had previously debuted her first solo single “SOLO” in 2019. Following suit, several other members embarked on their own solo ventures.

Fast forward four years, amidst the ongoing bureaucratic challenges, Jennie’s new solo “You & Me” arrives as a timely gift for fans. The song has just been released, accompanied by a striking cover illustrated by none other than Naoko Takeuchi. For those not fully versed in the world of anime, here’s why the new Jennie cover is causing such a buzz.


The “You & Me” single cover was crafted by the illustrious Naoko Takeuchi, a leading figure in Shojo manga. What may come as a surprise to some is that Takeuchi is the creative force behind Sailor Moon, a series that played a pivotal role in popularizing magical girl manga and anime both in Japan and around the world. Depending on your age, you likely either grew up watching Sailor Moon or encountered the anime at some point in your life.

Sailor Moon’s inaugural chapter made its debut in 1991 and continued until 1997, spanning a total of 18 volumes. Just a year after the manga’s introduction, an anime adaptation graced screens in Japan and beyond. It solidified its status as one of the most influential magical shojo anime of all time, captivating nearly every child of that era.

Remarkably, even though Sailor Moon was introduced over three decades ago, Takeuchi herself is only 56 years old and remains a vibrant force in the industry. She maintains a vigilant oversight over anything related to Sailor Moon and has even contributed illustrations for the official All Colored Eternal Edition of the series. As an intriguing side note about the author’s life, she is married to Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Hunter x Hunter—a globally acclaimed anime and manga series.

The cover illustrated by Takeuchi for Jennie’s release comes as a delightful surprise, its art harmonizing seamlessly with Jennie’s enchanting aura. It’s a collaboration that bridges the worlds of K-pop and iconic anime, garnering well-deserved excitement among fans.