Who is Mothman, the ‘Legend’ of Point Pleasant, West Virgina?


Cryptids have long been a staple of urban legends, but one of the most unsettling among them is undoubtedly the Mothman. Unlike the Loch Ness Monster or Slenderman, the tales surrounding the Mothman possess a surprising air of credibility.


So, who—or what—is the Mothman?

Described as a towering figure over seven feet tall, with massive wings and glowing red eyes, the Mothman entered public consciousness following the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in West Virginia in 1967. The disaster claimed the lives of 46 individuals, leaving many bewildered by the sudden and seemingly inexplicable calamity. What made this event even more chilling were the reports of a premonition—a warning heralded by sightings of a monstrous, moth-like creature.


Eyewitness accounts emerged from various points across West Virginia, particularly in Point Pleasant, where residents reported encounters with a creature matching the Mothman’s description. Among them were the Scarberrys and the Malletts, two married couples who vividly recalled their eerie encounter with the apparition. Linda and Roger Scarberry, along with Steve and Mary Mallette, shared their experiences, sparking speculation that the Mothman may have been attempting to forewarn the townsfolk of the impending disaster.

Skeptics have attempted to rationalize these sightings, attributing them to misidentifications of ordinary birds. However, such explanations fail to capture the allure and mystery of the Mothman legend. Unlike many tales of unidentified phenomena that vary drastically with each retelling, accounts of the Mothman remain remarkably consistent. Moreover, unlike other cryptids shrouded in fear and dread, the Mothman often evokes a sense of benevolence and protection.

The Mothman’s enduring appeal is evident in the town of Point Pleasant, where a 12-foot monument now stands as a tribute to the enigmatic creature. Constructed of shiny chrome, the statue serves as a beacon for enthusiasts and curious visitors alike, solidifying the Mothman’s status as a beloved icon in popular culture. Just as the Robocop statue in Detroit pays homage to a fictional hero, the Mothman monument immortalizes a figure whose legend continues to captivate and intrigue generations.