Who is Michael Caine’s wife?


At 90 years old, Michael Caine, an enduring legend in the realm of cinema, has decided to take his final bow from the stage of acting. What lies ahead for the soon-to-be-retired actor? Well, a man of action throughout his life, Caine has plans for the future. Currently, having wrapped up the last film of his illustrious career, he finds immense happiness in the company of his wife, Shakira Caine.

Despite a somewhat delayed start to his professional acting journey in the 1950s, Caine’s love story with Shakira Baksh unfolded in a mere eight minutes! Yes, it was love at first sight for the actor, sparked by Shakira’s appearance in a 1970s Maxwell House coffee commercial.

Caine fondly recalls, “I fell in love with her in about eight minutes. It took her two hours to fall in love with me.”


For Shakira, Caine defied her expectations. She initially perceived him as aggressive and ruthless, particularly after seeing him in “Get Carter.” However, upon meeting him, she discovered a charming and gentle soul – someone she envisioned spending her life with.

In Caine’s own words from a 1976 interview with People, Shakira was “the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.”

But who is Shakira Caine?

At the tender age of 16, Shakira embarked on her career as a secretary at the U.S. consulate in what is now Guyana. After a terrorist attack left her with a burst eardrum and a scar running from her cheek to her ear, Shakira courageously entered a beauty contest and emerged as Miss Guyana.

This victory led her to participate in the Miss World Pageant, where she secured third place. Undeterred by not claiming the top spot, Shakira remained unfazed by the industry’s initial reluctance to cast her in TV ads and films like “Some Girls Do,” “Carry On Again Doctor,” “Son of Dracula,” and “The Man Who Would Be King” (alongside her husband).

Caine and Shakira, with a notable 14-year age difference, exchanged vows in 1973. They have now celebrated over 50 years together – a monumental achievement in an industry where marriages often face swift ends. The couple welcomed their daughter, Natasha Caine, in 1973 and now take immense pride in being grandparents to three grandchildren.