Who is Mei Mei’s little brother in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen?’


The Shibuya Incident thrusts many of our beloved Jujutsu Kaisen characters into some of the most high-stakes situations they’ve faced so far, particularly those poised for a possible promotion to First Grade sorcerers.

Within this arc, we reacquaint ourselves with both the sorcerers and curses we came to know in Season 1, but we’re also introduced to a handful of new characters. One such character, making his debut in the latter part of Season 2, is Mei Mei’s younger brother, Ui Ui. He stands as possibly the youngest human sorcerer to step into the fray of the Shibuya Incident Arc.

Ui Ui enters the scene in Season 2, Episode 8 (Chapter 83 of Gege Akutami’s manga). Upon his introduction, he is found in the company of Mei Mei and Yuji Itadori at Aoyama Cemetery, just before they venture into Meiji-Jingumae Station. It’s immediately evident that he holds a deep admiration for his elder sister, seemingly willing to fulfill her every request, going so far as to lay down a handkerchief for her to sit on without her needing to ask. Ui Ui’s devotion to his older sibling mirrors Mei Mei’s own driven pursuit of wealth.


His behavior towards Mei Mei draws parallels to how Yushiro behaves around Lady Tamayo in the Demon Slayer series, with both characters displaying a tendency to be less than pleasant to anyone other than the object of their unwavering admiration. Ui Ui displays rudeness towards Yuji and even exhibits disdain towards Satoru Gojo for what he perceives as ‘forcing’ Mei Mei to be his backup. When Mei Mei asserts that the special-grade sorcerer shouldn’t be treated as an ‘ordinary man,’ Ui Ui protests, asserting that she herself is far from ordinary. He also appears unfazed by the fact that his sister places a higher value on money and work relationships than on familial ties.

Ui Ui is brought to life in Japanese by the talented voice actress Yuko Sanpei, who has been a stalwart in the industry since 2000 and has lent her voice to a diverse range of male characters, including prominent roles like Boruto Uzumaki, Taichi Yagami, and Tsubasa Ozora. In the English version, he is voiced by Sarah Anne Williams, who has been active in anime voice acting since the early 2010s and has portrayed characters such as Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica, Rika Shinozaki from the Sword Art Online series, Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter, and Mirai Sarutobi from the Boruto series, among others.