Who is Louisa Jacobson Gummer?


The Gummer family, despite their somewhat unfamiliar surname, boasts a rich heritage deeply rooted in Hollywood royalty. While Louisa Jacobson Gummer may not have an extensive list of credits to her name, she hails from a lineage of family members who have been actively involved in acting for generations.

As the daughter of Don Gummer, Louisa Jacobson is most notably recognized for her mother, the iconic Meryl Streep. With three Oscars to her name, Streep has been a dominant force in the film industry for decades, celebrated for her remarkable versatility. Her illustrious career took off in the late ’70s with intense dramas like “The Deer Hunter” and “Kramer vs. Kramer,” and she never showed any signs of slowing down, continuously seeking out increasingly impressive roles.

Predictably, many of Streep’s children have followed in her footsteps. Louisa Jacobson’s sisters, Grace and Mamie, have also made significant contributions to pop culture. Grace made her debut in the Greta Gerwig indie film “Frances Ha,” and went on to feature in projects like “The Newsroom,” “Mr. Robot,” and even “American Horror Story.” Mamie, on the other hand, has carved out an equally intriguing career in genre films such as “The Ward” and “Side Effects,” in addition to a particularly gripping season of “True Detective.” She also had the opportunity to collaborate with her mother in “Ricki and the Flash,” where she portrayed the title character’s daughter.


While Louisa Jacobson may not have accumulated as many on-screen credits as her sisters, Vogue notes that she had a theater career before landing her breakthrough role.

Her most significant credit to date is her role in the HBO Max original series, “The Gilded Age.” Created by Julian Fellowes of “Downton Abbey” fame, the show delves into the world of high society in late 1800s New York. This period, also depicted in Martin Scorsese’s historical drama “The Age of Innocence,” was a captivating era in American history, where reputations held immense sway, and scandal was the gravest offense. In “The Gilded Age,” Louisa Jacobson takes on the role of Marian Brook, whose actions set the events of the series into motion.

Following her father’s passing in Pennsylvania, Miss Brook relocates to New York to live with her aunts. Thrust immediately into the battle between Old and New Money, viewers experience the Gilded Age through her perspective. As a newcomer to the city, she doesn’t automatically conform to the societal expectations surrounding her. Instead, she is a kind-hearted individual who makes decisions on her own terms. For a first major role, securing a part in an HBO series is a commendable achievement, even for the daughter of one of Hollywood’s most illustrious actors. With “The Gilded Age” greenlit for a second season, this may mark the beginning of Louisa Jacobson’s ascent as a rising star.