Who is Kate Middleton’s brother and what was the tear-jerking way he reacted to her cancer diagnosis?


James Middleton, the younger brother of Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton), is a 36-year-old entrepreneur born in 1987. Despite not being as well-known to the public as his sister, James has made his mark in the business world. Like Kate, he attended the University of Edinburgh, although he eventually left his studies in environmental resources management to pursue entrepreneurship.

James found success in business by founding The Cake Kit Company, a cake-making business, which unfortunately dissolved in 2015. He later launched boomf, a personalized greeting cards company, in 2020, although it was liquidated in 2022. Beyond his professional endeavors, James has been open about his struggles with depression and mental health, inspired by his sister Kate and brother-in-law William’s charity, Heads Together.

In terms of family, James Middleton married Alizée Thevenet, a French financial analyst, in 2021. Their family grew with the arrival of their first child, a son named Inigo, born in October 2023. Celebrating his birthday in April 2024, James shared an endearing photo on Instagram, showing him and his son wearing matching berets.


Following Kate’s announcement of her cancer diagnosis, James responded with a touching tribute on social media. He shared a nostalgic photo of himself and Kate as children, seemingly on a mountain hike, with a heartfelt caption expressing solidarity and support for his sister during this challenging time. It’s evident that James, along with their mother and sister, has been a pillar of strength for Kate amidst her health struggles, highlighting the strong familial bond they share. Unlike Prince Harry, who reportedly learned about Kate’s diagnosis along with the rest of the world, James was likely among the first to know, further emphasizing the closeness of their relationship.