Who is Julia Roberts’ brother, Eric Roberts?


Navigating fame and family can be a grueling balancing act, a challenge that Julia Roberts and her brother, Eric Roberts, have encountered while living in the public eye for several decades.

Eric Roberts, a highly prolific actor known for his diverse roles in various films and TV shows, has made a substantial mark in Hollywood. His impressive career, however, was accompanied by personal struggles, notably concerning substance abuse. In candid interviews, Eric openly discussed his past battles with drugs, acknowledging how these issues affected his demeanor and relationships. Arrests related to drug possession and altercations further complicated his life, leading to strained connections within his family circle.

In the late ’80s and mid-’90s, Eric faced legal troubles due to drug-related incidents and a physical altercation with his wife. These challenges strained his relationship with his sister, Julia Roberts, who distanced herself from him during these turbulent periods. Despite having played a pivotal role in Julia’s early career by helping her secure representation in the entertainment industry, Eric’s personal issues strained their bond significantly.


Julia, showing support and understanding, stood by her brother’s ex-wife during custody hearings, illustrating her commitment to family, even during difficult times. Eric acknowledged the need for everyone to have space, including Julia, amid challenging circumstances.

Thankfully, a significant turning point occurred in 2004 when Julia welcomed twins into the world. This joyous event served as a catalyst for reconciliation between the siblings. Eric expressed gratitude for the unexpected opportunity to mend their relationship, describing the reunion as a heartwarming blend of brotherly and uncle-like love. Since then, the Roberts siblings have reconnected, celebrating holidays together and maintaining a renewed bond that has endured the test of time.