Who Is Jesse Williams’ Girlfriend?


Jesse Williams, known for his role in “Grey’s Anatomy,” has found love again after a complicated divorce with Aryn Drake-Lee. He is currently in a relationship with Ciarra Pardo. This union, which began around February 2022, was confirmed through court records related to Williams’ custody battle with his ex-wife. The couple has been spotted together in various public outings over the past couple of years.

In June 2023, Williams and Pardo were seen on a date in Los Angeles, dressed in coordinating outfits. A year earlier, they enjoyed an Italian dinner in Manhattan amidst Williams’ custody battle. While they haven’t extensively shared their relationship on social media, this may be attributed to their busy careers.

Ciarra Pardo holds an impressive title as the President of Los Angeles Fashion Week, a role that highlights her influence in the fashion industry. She is also a Co-Founder of N4XT Experiences, the company behind LAFW, which specializes in the intersection of fashion, beauty, gaming, and entertainment.


Despite her current high-profile position, Pardo’s journey took an unconventional path. She initially worked in finance and tech before transitioning into creative roles within the entertainment industry. Her experience as a Creative Director for Island Def Jam shaped her multifaceted career, allowing her to operate at the crossroads of beauty, fashion, entertainment, and technology.

Pardo’s notable stint as Rihanna’s Chief Creative Officer for Fenty Corp from 2014 to 2019 speaks to her extensive experience in the industry. She initially served as Rihanna’s personal creative director through her agency, GraviteCreative. Pardo acknowledges that working with Rihanna was a transformative experience, providing her with invaluable insights into beauty and fashion.

While Pardo has since moved on to new endeavors, she maintains a deep affection for Rihanna, whom she considers both a friend and a former boss. Her heartfelt birthday message to Rihanna in 2019 reflected their enduring professional relationship and friendship. In a 2022 interview, Pardo reaffirmed their close bond, demonstrating the lasting impact of their time working together.