Who Is Harris Faulkner’s Husband?


Harris Faulkner, a prominent anchor on Fox News, finds it nearly impossible to separate her love life from her work life due to her husband, Tony Berlin. They initially met as rival newshounds in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with Faulkner anchoring for KSTP-TV and Berlin reporting for WCCO-TV. Introduced by a mutual friend, their connection was immediate, leading to their marriage in 2003 and the birth of their two daughters, Bella and Danika.

After their wedding, the couple relocated to New York, where Faulkner’s career at Fox News began its ascent. Meanwhile, Berlin hosted “Good Morning America” before establishing his consultancy firm, Berlin Media Relations. While Faulkner’s political stance aligns with the conservative leaning of Fox News, Berlin keeps his political views more guarded. However, his background, including studying at Occidental College and interning at PBS, suggests a more liberal leaning. Additionally, he once posted a video of Barack Obama on Facebook with the caption, “Share if he’s your favorite president.”

Another point of distinction between the couple lies in their religious backgrounds, with Berlin being Jewish and Faulkner being Christian. Despite this, they are committed to raising their children in a faith-based environment. They celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays, emphasizing the importance of unity and understanding in their biracial household.


Despite differing political views, Faulkner and Berlin share a deep commitment to racial equality and human rights. Faulkner’s perspective on issues like the George Floyd incident differs from some of her Fox News counterparts, as she emphasizes the need for unity and acknowledges the pain and challenges faced by the Black community. This stands in contrast to some of the more extreme rhetoric that has been associated with other Fox News figures.

In summary, while Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin may have differing political and religious perspectives, they are united in their commitment to family, faith, and the pursuit of equality and understanding in a diverse society.