Who is Hannah Waddingham’s daughter?


Hannah Waddingham, renowned for her role as Rebecca Welton in the popular show Ted Lasso, is also a dedicated mother to her daughter, Kitty, whose personal life has been mostly kept private.

Kitty was born in 2016 and has been dealing with an autoimmune disorder called Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP). This condition can cause swelling and rupturing of blood vessels, leading to the development of a rash. Although most people recover from HSP, it can sometimes cause lingering kidney issues. Waddingham has openly discussed her daughter’s condition on various platforms, sharing her experiences with Ellen Degeneres and on the White Wine Question Time podcast.

Waddingham, a single mother, expressed a desire to find a role that allowed her to remain close to Kitty while showcasing her acting abilities. She wished for a part that aligned with her primary role as a mother and also demonstrated her acting potential. This wish came true when she was cast as Rebecca Welton in Ted Lasso, a role that filmed near her residence, allowing her to be near Kitty while pursuing her career.


Not much information is publicly available about Kitty due to Waddingham’s intention to safeguard her privacy. Waddingham occasionally shares photos of Kitty on social media, but she ensures that her daughter’s face is not visible to maintain her anonymity.

Regarding Kitty’s interests in acting or singing, it’s too early to tell. However, during the promotion of her holiday special, Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas, Waddingham mentioned that Kitty expressed a desire for a guest star on the show: Leslie Odom Jr. from Hamilton.

Kitty’s father is Gianluca Cugnetto, an Italian individual. Waddingham and Cugnetto were in a relationship for over a decade before their separation. They were never married.

As for Waddingham’s career, while the Ted Lasso series concluded with its third season in 2023, she was set to appear in an untitled comedy series alongside Octavia Spencer on Prime, as reported by Deadline. Additionally, there were reports of a shelved Lasso spinoff featuring Waddingham’s character, Rebecca Welton.