Who Is Hank Azaria Married To Now?


Hank Azaria’s relationship journey has been marked by significant moments, starting with his high-profile romance and subsequent marriage to fellow actor Helen Hunt. The couple’s relationship began in 1994 and led to their marriage five years later, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Their split after just a year reportedly stemmed partly from the challenges posed by Hunt’s escalating fame, something Azaria candidly acknowledged as a factor affecting their relationship during an interview.

The pressures accompanying Hunt’s rising celebrity status, compounded by friendships with high-profile personalities like Matthew Perry, created added strain within the relationship. Although Hunt’s fame wasn’t solely responsible for their separation, Azaria admitted it contributed to the difficulty in sustaining their marriage. Despite their divorce, Azaria emphasized maintaining a friendly relationship with Hunt during their parting, noting the sadness he experienced during that period.

Following his divorce from Hunt, Azaria ventured back into the dating scene, eventually finding love again with actor Katie Wright. The couple got together in 2007 and tied the knot a year later. Wright, known for her roles in “Idle Hands” and “Melrose Place,” has largely stayed away from the public eye alongside Azaria. Nevertheless, the actor occasionally shares glimpses of their enduring happiness on social media, expressing ongoing love and contentment in their relationship.


Azaria’s journey took an unexpected turn when he found out about Katie’s pregnancy, leading to the birth of their son, Hal, in 2009. The pregnancy was a surprise, and Azaria, initially unsure about fatherhood, eventually embraced the role, delving into the complexities and joys of being a dad. He explored fatherhood themes in a series he was recording and unexpectedly found himself preparing for parenthood as Katie became pregnant.

As Hal grew older, Azaria has cherished family moments, sharing activities like mini-golf outings with his son and wife. Despite the uncertainties at the beginning, Azaria embraced fatherhood and nurtured a bond with his son, introducing him to music even before birth and celebrating special moments as a family.

Through his journey with both romantic relationships and fatherhood, Azaria has encountered challenges but found fulfillment and joy in his evolving roles as a partner and a father, embracing the unexpected and cherishing the moments shared with his loved ones.