Who is Ginny in ‘One Piece?’


The popularity of the renowned Japanese manga, One Piece, has reached unprecedented heights, partly thanks to the hit Netflix show that introduced a plethora of new fans to the franchise. With the announcement of a second season, fans can anticipate even more adventures with Monkey D. Luffy and his iconic straw hat.

In Chapter 1095, a new character named Ginny was introduced, sparking curiosity about her role in the overarching narrative. While details about Ginny are somewhat limited, there’s enough to begin forming an understanding of her character. Let’s delve deeper to uncover who she is and how she fits into the larger story.

Ginny is revealed in the latest chapter as part of the ongoing conflict between Luffy’s crew and St. Saturn. The chapter also sheds light on Kuma’s backstory, unveiling that he was once a slave to the World Nobles. Near the end, Emporio Ivankov makes an appearance.


Ginny, a former slave herself, is seen in Kuma’s flashback along with the Revolutionary Army “Queen.” We learn that Ginny, like Kuma, was enslaved and forced to participate in the brutal Native Hunting Competition nearly four decades ago. This competition, orchestrated by the World Government, leads to the colonization of the chosen island and the loss of its autonomy. Even more grievously, the native inhabitants are subjected to slavery after being ruthlessly hunted.

Despite the harrowing experiences, Ginny possesses a lively and upbeat personality. She shares a close bond with her “big brother” and together they navigated the perils of the hunt. It’s during their escape planning that they encounter Kuma, triggering the flashback.

Among the speculations circulating, a prominent theory suggests that Ginny could be either Luffy’s or Bonney’s mother. The reasoning behind this theory points out a few intriguing connections:

1. The shared love for food among the characters.
2. The similarity in names, all ending in ‘Y’ (Luffy, Bonney, Ginny).
3. Both Luffy’s father, Dragon, and Bonney’s father, Kuma, have affiliations with the Revolutionary Army, just like Ginny.
4. The unknown status of Dragon and Kuma’s partners, with only confirmation of Luffy’s mother being alive.

Furthermore, it’s noted that Bonney was initially introduced in the manga enjoying a hearty meal, which resonates with Ginny’s apparent fondness for food. Additionally, both Ginny and Bonney share a similar hairstyle.

In any case, fans have expressed their enthusiasm for this chapter, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the One Piece saga.