Who is Fumihiko Takaba in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen?’


Jujutsu Kaisen boasts an array of spectacular powers, and among the most captivating is wielded by none other than Fumihiko Takaba.

Initially an ordinary individual, Fumihiko’s trajectory takes a dramatic turn when he is transformed into a sorcerer under the tutelage of Kenjaku. With this transformation comes the emergence of his formidable and downright spine-chilling ability: the Comedian technique.

Despite his origins as an everyday person, Fumihiko quickly ascends to a status of butt-kicking prowess, making him a standout figure in the series. His journey is forever altered when Kenjaku embarks on a quest to recruit ordinary individuals and bestow upon them the mantle of sorcery in preparation for the Culling Game. Fumihiko is one among many who find themselves thrust into this newfound reality, and arguably one of the most distinctive.


At the core of Fumihiko’s persona lies his identity as an entertainer, a facet that harmonizes seamlessly with the essence of his powers. However, it’s essential to note that his signature ability, the Comedian technique, is anything but comical.

With the Comedian technique at his disposal, Fumihiko gains the power to manipulate reality with nothing more than his perception of humor. This grants him the status of one of the most capricious combatants in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. Even formidable figures like Kenjaku and Reggie swiftly recognized the formidable threat that Fumihiko and his Comedian technique posed.

This ability grants him an inexhaustible arsenal of tactics to thwart his adversaries. Should an opponent aim to strike him, they may find it an arduous task as Fumihiko could find it amusing to be doused in a slippery substance. (Just ask Hazenoki how effective his explosive offense proved against Jujutsu Kaisen’s newest jester!)

Presently, Fumihiko’s primary drawback lies in his struggle to fully harness and control his astounding power. Fortunately for those in his vicinity, his status as a novice remains his chief vulnerability. However, given ample time to develop and master his abilities, the potential for Fumihiko’s growth and impact on the battlefield is undeniably immense, even to those without extensive combat expertise.