Who is ‘Dubai Bling’ star Loujain Adada?


The allure of luxurious living, magnified by shows like “Dubai Bling,” offers a tantalizing glimpse into a world steeped in opulence and excess. Among the prominent figures in this glittering realm is Loujain Adada, a central figure known for triggering intense FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among viewers.

As “Dubai Bling” season 2 debuted on Netflix, it transported audiences across the Middle East and beyond into a realm of extravagant lifestyles led by a group of socialites based in the UAE. Loujain Adada, often referred to as LJ, emerged as a standout personality within this circle, renowned for her bold character and extravagant gestures. Her penchant for organizing exclusive desert getaways and hobnobbing with Hollywood’s elite like Natalie Portman, alongside her penchant for private jet travel and high-profile red carpet appearances, painted a portrait of extravagant indulgence. Her Instagram account serves as a front-row ticket to witness her affluent lifestyle. But, who exactly is this 34-year-old symbol of glamour and luxury?

Adada’s journey commenced in California, where she was born on November 11, 1989, spending her formative years in the United States before relocating with her family to Lebanon. At the tender age of 14, Adada delved into modeling, a field aligned with her enduring passions for fashion, photography, music, and event planning. Her modeling endeavors primarily centered around beauty and fashion advertisements due to her height, standing at five feet and eight inches, not meeting the standard runway requirements.


Transitioning into television, she received a TV hosting opportunity from MTV Lebanon at 21, kickstarting her career as a television presenter. However, she took a hiatus from her professional pursuits to establish a family with her late husband, Walid Juffali, in 2012.

Walid Juffali, a scion of one of Saudi Arabia’s wealthiest families, held influential positions within major conglomerates in the Middle East. Their extravagant wedding in Venice, hailed as a grand affair costing approximately $10 million, featured an Akon performance, with Adada adorned in a $3 million necklace and a stunning Chanel bridal gown. Settling in London, the couple lived together for nearly six years until Juffali’s battle with cancer culminated in his passing in 2016. He was estimated to be worth $9.2 billion at the time of his demise.

Juffali’s history included previous divorces, notably with American supermodel Christina Estrada, resulting in high-profile and costly settlements. Estrada’s divorce settlement amounted to $100 million, while Juffali’s earlier divorce from Basma Al-Sulaiman in 2000 settled at $62 million. Despite these settlements, Juffali’s substantial net worth remained largely intact.

In the wake of Juffali’s passing, Adada immersed herself in philanthropic endeavors, co-founding The Brain Forum, dedicated to neurological disease research. Their union also brought forth two daughters, Talia and Lana, born shortly after Juffali’s passing.

Adada’s life, especially her marriage to Juffali, has captivated the “Dubai Bling” audience due to its remarkable circumstances. Beyond her reality TV appearances, she’s shown resilience in her career, dabbling in modeling again and engaging in the dating scene. Her estimated net worth, potentially bolstered by a significant inheritance from her late husband, stands at $4 million, securing her position as the second-wealthiest among the stars showcased on the show.