Who is Duane Martin?


The ongoing saga surrounding the Smiths, particularly the recent scandalous rumors about Will Smith’s alleged relationship with actor Duane Martin, seems to perpetuate a constant cycle of drama in the public eye. These fresh allegations, steeped in gossip and lacking credible evidence, attempt to suggest a romantic link between Smith and Martin, despite their collaborations in various projects—an association that falls far short of confirming any romantic involvement.

Crucially, Will Smith himself has vehemently refuted these claims. Responding to a former assistant named Brother Bilaal’s assertions of a sexual encounter between Smith and Martin, Smith labeled the story as “completely fabricated” and “unequivocally false,” denouncing the allegations outright. The Smiths’ denial of these claims serves as a clear indication to disregard the entire narrative. Regardless of any potential truth behind the rumors, the discretion to disclose anything about their relationship rests solely with Smith or Martin, not external sources seeking to exploit their private lives.

The fallout from such baseless rumors is potentially more damaging, impacting the genuine friendship shared between Smith and Martin, which spans numerous years. Allegations made seemingly to cause harm, as witnessed in Bilaal’s assertions to YouTuber Tasha K., can significantly tarnish the public perception of their friendship. The fear of scrutiny from the public and media may compel the duo to distance themselves from each other in the future—a regrettable consequence considering their evident on-screen chemistry and professional synergy.


Duane Martin, while not as widely recognized as his counterpart in this purported scandal, has carved out a respectable career in the entertainment industry. Although he initially garnered attention as a promising basketball player in his early years, he transitioned to acting in the early ’90s, marking his debut with appearances in television shows and music videos before his breakthrough role in the 1992 film “White Men Can’t Jump.” Martin has appeared in various notable films and TV shows alongside Will Smith, maintaining a career trajectory that intertwined with Smith’s own path over the years.

Regarding their collaborations, Will Smith and Duane Martin first worked together in 1993 on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” where Martin played a character with his own name. He returned to the show in 1995 and made another appearance, before taking a hiatus. Recently, with the modern reimagining of the series “Bel-Air,” Martin rejoined the cast as Steven Lewis in the first season. While his involvement was limited to the initial season, the show’s renewal for season 3 suggests potential future appearances. Given Smith’s involvement behind the scenes, their paths might cross again if Martin returns in subsequent seasons, despite any potential backlash from the rumor mill.